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E.T.T.L. povides valid and accurate measurements using updated standards.


Calibration! What is it ?

A set of operations, performed in accordance with a definite procedure, that compares the measurements performed by an instrument to those made by a more accurate instrument or a standard for the purpose of detecting and reporting, or by adjustment, errors met in the instrument tested.


Purpose of Calibration

  • To ensure readings from an instrument are consistent with other instruments and to determine the accuracy of the instrument i.e. that it can be trusted for its observed/displayed measured value.
  • The value of calibration for industry
  • To ensure that products are manufactured to specifications.
  • To demonstrate that the industry operates a quality system and technically competent and are able to generate technically valid results.
  • To increase quality & value of product.
  • The calibrated measuring instruments (working standards) have the assurance of an unbroken chain of national/international measuring standards.

What is Traceability ?

Property of the result of a measurement or related to stated references, usually national or international standards, through an unbroken chain of comparisons all having stated uncertainties.


Why measurements must be Traceable ?

  • Traceable measurements ensure the uniformity of manufactured goods and industrial processes.
  • To support equity in trade as well as compliance to regulatory laws & standards. Essential to the development of technology.


Uncertainty- How accurate are your measurements ?

It is a measure of the quality of a measurement & provides the means to assess & minimize the risks and possible consequences of poor decision.


Calibration Interval-Validity Period.

Validation is usually nominal maximum period between two successive calibrations. The validity period is generally considered to be maximum appropriate, provided

The equipment is of good quality and is of proven adequate stability.

If any suspicion or indication of overloading or mishandling arises, the equipment will be checked immediately and thereafter at frequent intervals until it can be shown that stability has not been impaired.

The extension of validity period is based on factors such as history of stability, frequency of use, accuracy required, ability of staff to perform regular checks and successful participation in proficiency testing programs. It is the responsibility of the testing authority to provide evidence that its calibration system ensures that confidence in the equipment can be maintained.

Adequate records of the test data must be maintained over a period of time to draw support for extension of validity period.


Calibration Measurement! How ?

Verifying the performance of the test Instruments which involves applying a standard value to the Instruments and observing how it behaves.Adjust the response of the Instruments, wherever possible(After verifying response, reset, adjust/correct the Instruments via internal control which in normal course is not accessible) Obtain correction factor for the test Instruments.(Accordingly correction factors/calibration constants are calculated & incorporated in measurements)

A standard preventative maintenance service on all instruments by Nunes Instruments Technical Advantages includes:


Annual Maintenance Contract

E.T.T.L. has a mobile team comprises of qualified engineers with necessary equipments and tools. AMC can assist your business by :

  • Decreasing the chance of lost production time from Instruments failure.
  • Obtaining the optimum production output for available ingredients.
  • Increasing the longevity of expensive instruments. 


Terms & Conditions

maintenance will be done according to the plan.