E.T.T.L., offers various non-destructive testing methods that can examine the sub surface of concrete structures without damaging surface or structural integrity.

Detailed knowledge about your structure without damaging it..

Through non-destructive testing methods, you obtain a detailed insight about a concrete structure’s condition during & after construction. This enables a comprehensive understanding and quality assurance of your concrete structure. Simply said, we use non-destructive examinations to assess the quality within a structure.

A large area can quickly be examined giving a detailed view of the state and condition of a structure. You may for instance use this obtained information to minimize the number of destructive testing methods, such as drilling cores to determine the compressive strength or when removing a concrete cover to investigate the extent of corrosion in reinforcement.

Besides establishing a better overview of a structure, you achieve crucial savings both time wise and financially in contrast to the lead times and costs associated with destructive testing method and the resulting subsequent repairs.

Quality control during the construction phase..

We can monitor the actual conditions both regarding execution details such as homogeneity and quality, which over time may ensure that the structure fulfills its required function and design life. If defects or lack of quality are observed during the construction phase, these can be corrected to avoid expensive repair costs at a later stage.

Our services include Non destructive / Destructive testing Such as:

  • Rebound Hammer Test
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test
  • Core Extraction & Testing
  • Cut & Pull Out Test
  • Half Cell / Surface Potential Test
  • Carbonation Test
  • Chemical Analysis etc.

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